Victoria & Olly – Vilamoura

Victoria and Olly got married in July on a somewhat warm day as there was a bit of a heatwave this year. They had a gorgeous little ceremony at Thai Beach Bar in Vilamoura with all their close family and friends tucked under the umbrellas out of the sun, they released ballons as part of the ceremony which was a nice touch. Part of the ceremony was a few words from each of the bridesmaids, which set everyone crying, but the tears soon turned to laughter and the party began!  It was a beautiful beach setting and the guests wined and dined as they watch the sunset go down with some amazing Thai food.  There was so much happening at their wedding from the bar men chatting up the bridesmaids to the fire twirling extravangza to surprise everyone later in the evening. Even the kiddywinks loved it!  Once the bar closed Victoria and Oliver supplied their guests with more booze and it was otherwise the table of doom as everyone got stuck in and partied well into the night! Think there were some sore heads the next day, but what a way to remember a great wedding!