Rachel & Dan – Quinta Dos Vales

Rachel and Dan got married in July and we were still going through the heatwave, but they had their wedding at an amazing winery in the Algarve.  These guys were very relaxed on their wedding day, the ladies were drinking champagne and the men were swimming in the pool when we arrived, but this soon quickly turned into a wedding day, with the girls getting organised and having their makeup done to the guys all putting on their shirts and getting their cigars ready.  The ceremony involved a bottle of wine and love letters to each other being locked into a lock box to be opened years later like a time capsule to show their kids and reminisce on their amazing wedding day they had.  The fruit punch quickly flowed after the ceremony, with everyone mingling in the sculpture garden when we took these two love birds off for some photos, the chemistry between them was amazing. After this everyone was rearing to have their dinner and then hit the dance floor!  After a surprise confetti bomb during the cake cutting these two hit the dance floor well into the night!  A great day and lovely couple.

Our higlights video can be seen at the end of this blog.


Rachel & Dan from Birch Photography on Vimeo.