James & Stephen – Rei Das Praias, Ferragudo

James & Stephen had a gorgeous wedding in Rei Das Praias in Ferragudo. This wedding was a lot of fun and had some of the funniest and liveliest bridesmaids we have ever seen. They made the girls wear sky high Jimmy Choos and later on in the night Stephen bravely put them on and danced around. The bouquets had the personal touch of being made by one of the bridesmaids, which were beautifully done, and their wedding cake was organized by James as a surprise for Stephen.

James and Stephen got ready at different venues and had the first look before they walked down the aisle together to become husband and husband. I always get butterflies before a couple sees each other for the first time and this was no exception.   The anticipation of watching James waiting to look around to see Stephen for the first time….it was pretty special.

After the ceremony they enjoyed champagne, cocktails and canapés on the rooftop before they headed down to the beach for some group and couple shots. Just before we left the girls threw their bouquets into the sea to some young girls swimming which they were delighted about. After that Dan and I left them to their meal and returned in the evening when the sun started to set and they were partying on the rooftop. James and Stephen treated their guests to a dance class with James and his sister leading the way. There was so much love and laughter among the family and guests, that we couldn’t help but giggle away ourselves at the antics going on.  Great couple, great wedding, great day.JSJGP15JSJGP25JSJGP43JSJGP52JSJGP57JSJGP44JSJGP65JSSGP1JSSGP41JSSGP43JSSGP47JSSGP57JSSGP63JSSGP68JSSGP107JSC1JSC2JSC6JSC10JSC11JSC13JSC15JSC28JSC31JSC34JSC41JSC46JSC66JSC67JSC71JSC82JSC85JSC91JSC96JSC104JSC109JSC135JS002JSC171JSC183JSC186JSC188JSC190JSC201JSC203JSC215JSC233JSC252JSC253JSC256JSC270JSC272JSC294JSPC1JSPC10JSPC19JSPC23JSPC33JSPC42JSPC60JSGS25JSPC89JSPC118JSPC122JSCS1JSCS13JSCS15JSCS30JSCS52JSCS63JSER22