Anna & Mark – Silves

Anna & Mark have been together for 9 years and are still hopelessly in love. Their wedding took place in the hills near Silves where Anna grew up and it was a scorching hot day for May. They did the first look with all of their guests around them and then led the procession through the orange trees to the ceremony area that overlooked the hills. It was so beautiful and very romantic. They are both very camera shy so we said to them forget about us, we’re not here, focus on the day and each other and we’ll do the rest. Believe it or not we love it this way and it made for some pretty amazing moments between them and we were able to capture some gorgeous pictures. Everywhere you looked throughout the day people were laughing, crying, smiling, embracing, hugging, kissing, you name it. There was a really lovely moment where later in the day Mark called Anna his wife for the first time and realised what he had said and laughed, took her in his arms and said ‘that is so awesome, you’re my wife’. It was pretty special to witness.amppc-2amppc-6amppc-20amppc-22amppc-37amppc-39amppc-51amppc-72amppc-83amppc-88amppc-107amppc-120amppc-153amppc-159amppc-176