Algarve Property

The Algarve is a fantastic place to own property. There is such a demand for photography of this it that we have been improving our equipment and are now able to offer various types of photography and lighting solutions. Our main selling point is aerial photography and we continue to follow the market in this field and keep up to date with technology and clients needs.
Another popular part of what we do is full villa propping, we bring with us an entire supply to fully prop your villa should you wish, from setting all the tables with fresh food and wine to laying out towels on the sunbeds with magazines and freshly made coffee, it’s a shame we cant stay sometimes! But this is why we love the property, each shoot we do is completely different. Here are a few snaps from last years portfolio of a few aerials and pools, enjoy!


jacaranda-52dji_0593dji_0415dji_0400casa do mar drone-24terrace view2

pool view2pool view 2